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I’m releasing a brand new single in Swedish today under my birth name Jonas Jonsson. It’s entitled “Jag bär på din lukt” and you can find it on Spotify and iTunes. Please share it if you like it!

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A chronicle on Number Seven Deli

My friend Rune Berg not only mixed and played keys on the Bedroom Eyes debut, he’s also a co-founder of two of the best Scandinavian pop groups I know of. While his first band - The Margarets – sadly parted ways last year, his other band Number Seven Deli is so alive and well-being that they chased away the winter from Northern Europe on their own this week. March 9th saw the release of their long-awaited third album “Toxteth” and the efforts of making the “hard, third album” have never sounded this painless. They asked me to write some words on the new album, and the band in general, and no-one could be prouder than me to accept the task. Go here to read the chronicle and to get some insights on my lifelong love for the Norwegian pop scene, and this wonderful group of people. And when you’ve finished reading, I demand that you have a listen.

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A sign of life

So it’s been a while since I released anything or even hit the road with the live band and I thought I might let you in on what’s going on right now. I’m still alive. I’m still making music. I’ve cut my hair as well, but that’s another story. I want you to know that new songs are coming in from all over.
Some are sitting in the back of the school bus on the way from Valsjöbyn. Some are traveling without tickets on the train from Trondheim. A couple are hanging on for their lives in the back of a dirty Volvo station wagon on the slippery roads of Southern Lappland. Two are flying in with false passports and won’t tell me their names or current location. Some are avoiding the winter in a potato cellar in Gravbränna. One is trying to get on the right train in Stockholm’s underground system. A few are refusing to leave the basement bars of east Oslo while some have long since been sitting in my sofa, reading my Helgonet comics and awaited a lift to the studio. When I have gathered them all in the same room I will not only throw a huge party but I will let you be the first one to know!

All the best,

By the way; make sure that you keep yourself updated on the Facebook page!

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The trinity

I just wanted to share with you my favorite frame from the world of music videos. This is right at the end of Belle & Sebastian’s video for “The Wrong Girl” starring no-other than Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake. And the record he’s holding is Big Star’s “Radio City”.






Let’s hear it again; NORMAN BLAKE holding a BIG STAR album in a BELLE & SEBASTIAN video! That’s so utterly fantastic that we have to look at that picture again:






Holy smoke, that’s some clash of quality pop culture right there.

Here’s the full video:

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“Samtidigt, en timme från stan”

Out today: a free EP in Swedish under my birth name! I have written new lyrics to four of my favorite songs from my old heroes Teenage Fanclub, Motorpsycho, Big Star and Beth Orton. You can download the songs and watch the accompanying videos at Here’s a video my father made for my take on Teenage Fanclub’s “Did I Say”:

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Being September 1st I have posted the new Current Favorites list and Monthly Spotify Playlist, so head over to the lists section!

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I will post two new lists at the first day of every month, as I wrote in a post further down. A ten song Spotify playlist and a Current Favorites list with five movies, books, places etc. that I enjoy at the moment. I have just posted the lists for August, so head over to the lists section!

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I said a while back ago that there will be no shows in Sweden this fall, but when you’re asked to headline on a Saturday in the best club in the country there’s just no way to turn that offer down. Therefor; Bedroom Eyes live @ Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Saturday August 13th 2011. bob hund and Sophie Rimheden are DJing.

Info, tickets, etc:

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We’ve found some long lost photographs from the recordings sessions at Ocean Sound Recordings in 2008. I have barely seen these shots myself but I think they pretty closely captures the essence of those days on Giske that definitely made the songs sound the way they do. This is just the first round of studio pictures, there are tons more but we need some time to sort them out. Head over to the photographs section for the first 70 shots.

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