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Bedroom Eyes is the power-pop brainchild of Swedish singer-songwriter Jonas Jonsson. Hailing from the small town of Föllinge in Northern Sweden, Jonsson first made waves with Bedroom Eyes’ 2010 debut album ”The Long Wait Champion”, which captured listeners’ attention with its unique blend of whimsy, romance and delicately layered instrumentation.


After multiple breakout hits on Swedish radio, a rave review from Rolling Stone Magazine and an unlikely spot on Primetime MTV, Bedroom Eyes’ irresistibly dance-along indie-pop had garnered a worldwide audience. Jonsson set off on tour with his band of best friends in tow, continuing to evolve their sound on the road, before starting work on his second release.


Bedroom Eyes’ sophomore album ”Greetings From Northern Sweden” was released in 2017, and was comprised of ten distinct sonic postcards, each one sent from and inspired by Northern Sweden’s most desolate places. Wrapped in a shimmering soundscape that drew directly from its geographical heritage, "Greetings From Northern Sweden” went on to gather further acclaim and signal Bedroom Eyes’ move into more deftly atmospheric and modern fare.


”Sisyphus Rock” is Bedroom Eyes’ third offering, and was recorded live in-studio at a rustic site in the woods of Rissna, Jämtland, Sweden. Balancing influences as diverse as 80s comedies, classic literature and gritty 90s punk, ”Sisyphus Rock” heads in a louder and rougher direction than its preceedors. Among the Bedroom Eyes fans is comedian Fred Armisen (Portlandia, Saturday Night Live) who was the first person outside of the inner circle to hear the album, describing it with the words ”Great sound, great energy and wonderful songs”. Set for a February 2022 release, "Sisyphus Rock" is sure to get listeners old and new hearts pumping and heads nodding.


Bedroom Eyes is

Jonas Jonsson, vocals and songwriting

Markus Eriksson, guitars and keys

Kim Fastesson, guitars

Emil Fritzson-Lindquist, drums

Mattias Andersson, bass

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