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A few years back I heard the song ”Several Shades of Why” by J Mascis, which contains the line ”Hell may not dwell on the dead / how about the living?”. That question just stuck with me. I thought about it so much that it turned into two songs and now this play. It's a dark comedy about waiting, death, Mistadobalina, time, past lives and what hell might be. Tickets are out March 1. Opens March 19 at Teaterverket in Stockholm. I still have no answer. Maybe hell does dwell on the living?

CAST: Sandra Herlog, Jonas Jonsson, Kristofer Jonsson, Bodil Lundeberg, Fredric Thurfjell. DIRECTED BY: Eline Lundeberg and Vegard Fjærvoll. WRITTEN BY: Jonas Jonsson PHOTO: Anton Näslund POSTER: Jonas


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