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Wohoo! The third single from the upcoming album »Sisyphus Rock« is out as of today. A music video will follow shortly!


I WROTE this song in a drafty attic in Sundsvall. It was one of those songs that just came out like a sneeze and was finished within 20 minutes. I recorded a demo the following day with Tony K in his garage studio in Sundsvall (thank you!).


IT FELT logical and goddamn NECESSARY to write a song with this title as Paul wrote the savage heartbreaker »Alex Chilton« for his band The Replacements. (Alex was power pop poet laureate and legendary singer in Big Star AND The Box Tops - remember how your mother used to listen to »The Letter«?)

Big Star -> The Replacements -> Bedroom Eyes. That’s the succession order. In my head only, but that doesn’t matter.

I don’t want to meet my idols (I met Kerstin Ekman once but that went fine, thankfully!) and I’m convinced Westerberg would hate both me and the song. He most certainly would put me in a headlock and rub a bald spot in my hair had I written a song about him.

But this song is not about Paul. If you’re reaching for something or someone that doesn’t reach back - stop reaching. That’s the core of it.

(In all honesty - I had that word play in the chorus first and then built the song around it.)


KENNETH Ishak (our brilliant friend) sings backing vocals and recorded them himself at Observatoriet, Oslo. Kim Fastesson plays guitar and sings the »aah« in the chorus, Emil Fritzson-Lindqvist plays the drums (like life itself depended on it!) and percussion, Markus Eriksson plays guitar, Mattias Andersson plays the bass. I sing lead vocals and played acoustic guitar until I almost had a panic attack. Markus and I produced it. It was recorded live in studio in November 2020 at Rissna City in Rissna, Sweden by Robin Lindqvist.


FRANZ Hägglund mixed this at Studio Riddarborgen and Magnus Lindberg mastered it at Redmount Studios, both in Stockholm.


THE COVER is made by Robert Samsonowitz (how brilliant is this guy?) and is comprised by analogue pictures from the recordings in Rissna.


The album drops February 25 and there's a super sweet pre-order deal at Startracks web shop - the new "Sisyphus Rock" vinyl plus "Greetings from Northern Sweden" for 299 kr. That's 70 kr for "Greetings..."! Hurry up, hurry up!


Thank you

Jonas Melker Alexander Jonsson, Esq.


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