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THANK YOU everyone who saw my play ”Sprängskiss över ensamheten” in Stockholm. And thank you everyone involved. We bloody did it! We played six shows for as many people as we could under the covid restrictions and we had a total blast. I wrote this play some years ago when a line from a J Mascis' song wouldn’t leave my head (”Hell may not dwell on the dead / How about the living?”). That question just stuck with me and turned into this play and two songs (”Portable Hell” and ”Jag bär på din lukt”). I am SUPER proud that we made the best we could under the circumstances and played this in front of a live audience. It’s a theatrical play and meant to be performed live in a room with and for breathing and thinking people.

All these pictures are stills from a recording we did of the last show. I don’t know if it will be made public or if we’ll ever perform this play again. If the timing is right and stars are aligned - who knows? For now, I’m on to the next thing. See you soon. J.


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